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There are many locations around the Isonzo river to be visited when it comes to remains of the Great War. On this page we show you the most popular locations. Not all off these locations will be visited, but are part of the standard possibilities from which our program can be build.


Čelo Outdoor Museum
Cerje Memorial Monument
Fort Hermann
Fort Kluze
Gorjansko WW1 Cemetery
Javorca, Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit
Kobarid Historical Trail
Kobarid Museum
Kolovrat Mountain
Komen, Austro-Hungarian military cemetery WW1
Kremenjak Hill
Memorial of Redipuglia
Mount Brestovec
Mount Calvario / Podgora
Mount Hermada
Mount Sabotino
Mount San Michele
Mount Sei Busi / Dolina dei 500
Ossuary of Oslavia
Ravelnik Outdoor Museum
Solkan Bridge
Štanjel, Austro-Hungarian military cemetery WW1
Sveta Gora / Holy Mountain
Theme Parc Great War
Throne of Borojević & Pečinka cave
Fajti Hrib
Kostnica s Cerkvijo Sv. Antona / Sacrario dei Caduti di Caporetto