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This mountain above Gorizia was, due to its strategic position above the Soča, an important Austro-Hungarian bridgehead on the right bank of the river. In the 6th Isonzo Battle in August 1916 the Italian Army conquered Mt. Sabotin, which made the conquest of Gorizia possible. The mountain is crisscrossed with a system of trenches and caves which were built by both the Austro-Hungarian and the Italian armies when they fortified their positions. Its position makes Mt. Sabotin a place of splendid views, also suitable for the cyclists. The view reaches to Mt. Sveta Gora, Mt. Škabrijel, the Vipava valley, the Kras, the Friuli lowland, the Goriška Brda area and the Julian Alps. Because of its turbulent history and natural attractions it is an important tourist destination in Goriška region.


IBT Great Journey May 2018