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Monument to the defenders of the Slovenian standing on a top Cerje on the western edge of the karst plateau, which opens a wide view of the northern Adriatic Sea, Friuli, Dolomite, Julian Alps, Vipavsko Valley. The initiative for setting up this monumental memorial for all those who have fought in this area and fell, resulting in a patriotic organization TIGR. Location and content design memorials are carefully thought out.

Monument to sedemetažni is designed as a tower or fort that connects the past with the future with its content. In seven floors, the visitor can walk through different periods in Slovenian history, landmark times – from prehistory to periods of world wars, the war for independence from Slovenia to the last floor with a panoramic platform, which symbolizes the future.

The collection of the museum is made. Nevertheless, since the opening of the multimedia exhibition on the Isonzo Front on the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2013, the monument is open to the public.

Riding of peace in the Karst region (near the Monument), the peaceful, unspoiled areas of Karst plateaus lead to a tour of the most interesting monuments and other objects from the rich heritage of the First World War. They lead away from the main roads, existing tracks, trails and former military roads.

All lines are applied and marked suitable for hikers, cyclists and horses. Visitors can choose from more or less demanding excursions and a longer or a shorter route to the plateau, which opens up stunning views of the sea and the vastness of Alpine peaks.



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