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Kobarid (German: Karfreit; Italian: Caporetto) is a municipality in the region of Goriška not far from Bovec in northwestern Slovenia. Further to the east is Tolmin.

The city became famous for the battle of Caporetto in the First World War, from October 24 to November 9, 1917, where the Italian armies who conquered the area suffered a heavy defeat against the Austrian-Hungarian and German armies.

After the First World War, Kobarid or Caporetto belonged to Austria for centuries, part of Italy. In 1947, Italy had to resign to Yugoslavia as a result of the Second World War, which belonged to the Republic of Slovenia.

Kobarid is a town on the river Soča. That flows in Kobarid a bit slower, causing many canoe drivers to come.

At Gregorčičeva 10 is a museum of the First World War, with a slide show. On a portrait in the stairwell is Ernest Hemingway. He was a volunteer at the Italian First Aid on the Isonza Front, where the Italian Army suffered a severe defeat against the German-Austrian Alliance in 1917.

At the church is a monument to fallen Italian soldiers, Italijanska kostnica.