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Cerkev Svetega Antona Padovanskega / Sacramento de Caduti di Caporetto

The military memorial Caporetto or Saint Anthony’s sanctuary is an Italian military memorial located in Kobarid, Slovenia; It houses the remains of Italian 7014 killed during the First World War.

Built by the Italian state, which belonged to that region, the sanctuary was completed in September 1938 and was opened by the head of the government of time, Benito Mussolini. It was built on the hill Gradic designed by the sculptor Giannino Castiglioni and the architect Giovanni Greppi north of the city of Kobarid, taking the remains of Italian soldiers by the military cemeteries in the area, including those of Bovec. Under the 7014, known as 1748, they were collected in six graves on either side of the middle stairs. From the main square of the country a paved road leading to the square above; along the fourteen statues of the crotch road.

The ossuarium is of a pyramid shape with an octagonal base, and on the top of the building is the church dedicated to St. Antonius of Padua, initiated in 1696 and thus already before construction.

The military memorial Caporetto, although the management is entrusted to the Italian state, is the only one not found on Italian soil because all other remains of Italian soldiers killed in Slovenia were traslatati about redipuglia and Oslavia ossuaries.