Isonzo Battlefields Travel

Are you interested in world history and do you like to experience this with other people? Do you like to visit all locations from Blackmill games Isonzo? Or have you seen most in Belgium and France? With Isonzo Battlefields Travel you will visit a fairly unknown front, existing of beautiful locations in the mountains with many outdoor museums. The partially mountain- and hill areas will give you a very good image of the immensely proportions of this insane war.

Isonzo Battlefields Travel is an independent travel adviser who composes travel packages for you to the Italian and Austrian-Hungarian front in times of the Great War along the Isonzo river.  Are you going to join us at our next Great Journey?

You will stay in a comfortable accommodation located in the formal front-line. A part of the program can be done from your residence by foot.

Why is this tour so special?

  • An excellent combination of indoor museums and unique outdoor locations with beautiful wide views,
  • Compared to other battlefield a lot is preserved and restored,
  • Experienced, local partner guides,
  • Beautiful walking paths to reach the different locations,
  • Locations can be visited individual or in a group,
  • If desired daily evaluations while enjoying local specialities,
  • Residences in the formal front-line,
  • A flexible -fully organised- program, adaptable to family and kids,
  • Additional options, like beach, rafting, paint-ball or fun park.

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Isonzo Battlefields Travel

May 28 – June 4 2022
July 23 – 29 2022


Outdoor Museums
Čelo Outdoor Museum
Predjama Castle
Ossuary of Oslavia
Kostnica s Cerkvijo Sv. Antona / Sacrario dei Caduti di Caporetto
Mount Sei Busi / Dolina dei 500
Sveta Gora / Holy Mountain
Gorjansko WW1 Cemetery
Cerje Memorial Monument
Kobarid Museum
Javorca, Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit
Mount San Michele
Theme Parc Great War
Memorial of Redipuglia
Kolovrat Mountain
Ravelnik Outdoor Museum
First Battle of the Isonzo (23 June – 7 July 1915)
The Karst Ham
The River Soča / Isonzo
Teran Wine
Postojnska Caves
Soca Rafting
Casualties (x1000)


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