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Program (8 days)

Isonzo Battlefield Travel composed a 5 day main program over a period off 8 days, which can be adepted- or expanded in consultation. Underneath you see a map off the area where the 12 Isonzo Battles are fought. All locations, including your accommodation, are situated in- or around this area.

We also offer you, if desired, information for visiting nearby sites around Nova Gorica and on the Karst Plateau.


The Main Program

First Day at the Isonzo – Saturday

Arrival at the different B&B’s.

In the evening a short meeting where u, while enjoying local specialties like cheese and proscuitto, the program will be explained. A visit to Cerje if possible.


Second Day at the Isonzo – Zondag

Next locations will be visited, lunch at Monfalcone:


Third Day at the Isonzo – Maandag

Next locations will be visited, lunch at Solkan:


Fourth Day at the Isonzo – Dinsdag

A free day that can be spent at your liking. Some off the options are:


Fifth Day at the Isonzo – Woensdag

Next locations will be visited, lunch at Tolmin:


Sixth Day at the Isonzo – Donderdag

Next locations will be visited, lunch at Kobarid:


Seventh Day at the Isonzo – Vrijdag

Next locations will be visited, lunch at Bovec:


Eighth Day at the Isonzo – Zaterdag

Free time, evaluation and departure.


Additional Information

  • Locations are visited with your own transport. In consultation with us you can rent transport.
  • Isonzo Battlefield Travel offers, where possible, local guides, so you will always be provided with the correct information.
  • Every day will be, if desired, closed with a short evaluation and a preview off the next day.
  • Prices include stay, breakfast, costs for guides and access to the museums.
  • Prices do not include transport to the sights, lunches, diners and tips for guides.