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Austro-Hungarian first line of defence in the Bovec area.

After the Italian occupation of Bovec in August 1915, the Austro-Hungarian Army further reinforced its first line of defence at the eastern rim of the Bovec basin, especially across two hills: Ravelnik (519 m) and Stržišče (486 m). The two elevations form a natural blockade which was changed by the Austro-Hungarian soldiers by means of fortified positions, caves and trenches to the pillar of their defence.
An outdoor museum is arranged on the slope of Mt. Ravelnik in the area of the onetime Austro-Hungarian first line of defence. A circular path connects the cleansed and restored trenches and connection tunnels, pillboxes, caves, machine-gun emplacements and reconstructed cabins. There are a lot of remains in this relatively small area.


August 2018


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