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On this page you will find interesting, frequently added blogs from our own Blog Reporter: Mario Witte.

Since the beginning of this century your blog reporter has been infected with the first world war virus. A visit to Ieper, in Flanders, ensured that from that moment on, there was a search for every book or publication about this extensive subject.
A huge “Matrial slaughter” developed in which the ordinary soldier-friend or enemy- was ground in the mud of the trenches and craters in the no man’s land.
The first world war is a war of writers. Many soldiers wrote down their experiences in letters and diaries and especially these ego-documents made a big impression. The result was that the locations in these documents had to be looked up.
And so Mario landed in the beautiful Slovenia for the first time in 2003. A country that is interesting not only for its historical context, but also because of its natural beauty. In the meantime, your blog reporter visited the former front area in Slovenia several times and is still looking for the stories from that time.