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Sistiana, Duino beaches and castles

The former Caravella is situated in the area of the old quarry of Sistiana – Duino Aurisina and is a wide stretch of pebbly shore, suitable for children as well.

You can swim in a crystal-clear blue-green sea a short way from the Castle of Duino.

During the day the Caravella Park provides huts, sunbeds, deckchairs and umbrellas. The youngest children will enjoy the Baby Park with inflatable games and swimming pools, entertainment and games on the sand.

The young ones and the sports enthusiasts will have great fun with soap football, beach volleyball, beach soccer, table tennis and board games.

At night the beach is transformed, light and music are turned on and you can enjoy the nightlife of the bay of Sistiana in a charming setting, dancing…at sea.

Discover the Cohiba Lounge Beach Bar, the free beach of Cohiba, which is situated on the left side of the bay of Sistiana, crossing the whole harbour of Sistiana. Sunbeds, deckchairs and much music!