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Kozjak Waterfall

Near Kobarid you can find the Kozjak waterfall. Actually, there are two. Besides the large Kozjak waterfall (Veliki Kozjak) there is also a small Kozjak waterfall (Mali Kozjak). Especially the big Kozjak waterfall is very beautiful. This is due to the beautiful location between high rock walls and the blue-green color of the water. The waterfall itself is white, giving you a mixture of colors.

There is a well signposted path to the waterfalls. This walk is initially a bit on a dirt road and along the Soca river. Soon the path runs through the forest along a flowing stream. In the high season, many people use the water along this route by bathing in the go. At first you will encounter the small Kozjak waterfall and after about half an hour the big Kozjak waterfall will run. The total visit takes about an hour.

In itself it is a simple walk on a rocky path. However, the last part carries wooden bridges and wooden paths without railing. The water can be slippery. So a bit of caution is required here.