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Teran Wine

Teran, the fiery red thick wine, is one of the most important products of the Karst soil, also known as “terra rossa” or “jerina”. Teran, a genuine Slovenian wine with desig- nated origin, is produced from Refosco vine grapes. The medicinal features of teran are the result of its numerous mineral substances and lactic acids, but it is also known for its distinctive aroma which resembles the scent of wild berries. Teran is a young wine of full taste; with maturing, its characteristics are completely changed and gradually become more similar to red wines from around the world – such wine is called TERANTON. The kind of teran that is made from the best grapes, suitable for wine of superior quality, is known as the “izbrani teran PTP” (selected teran PTP). TERAN PTP is dry wine, served at room temperature together with pro- sciutto, spicy cheese, venison meat, dry-smoked meat products and red meat. The people of Karst learned how to turn teran into a delicious liqueur, red with intense violet hue, tasting of orange, vanilla, cloves and wild berries … Teran liqueur goes hand in hand with deserts, wild berries and plum gnocchi … Teran liqueur PTP is produced according to tradition and marked by superb quality.