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San Daniele Ham

The San Daniele ham D.O.P. is produced in the homonymous region of Friuli, where the cold Northern air meets the warm one proceeding from the Adriatic Sea creating the ideal conditions for its seasoning.
Salt, time and these singular climatic are the real secrets to obtain this renowned sausage produced according to century-old working methods.
This ham, unique in Italy, keeps the trotter and has a flat shape due to the pressing, executed in order to give the meat a special tenderness.
During the seasoning, which can last up to over thirteen months, it is sprinkled with a natural mixture made of lard, and cereal by-products, so as to prevent the meat from drying up too quickly.
When cut, slices look light rose red-coloured with very white veins of lard, with a sweet taste and delicate scent along with fragrances of dried fruit.
It goes very well with dry white wine, not very aromatic, accompanied with fresh white bread or bread-sticks, and it is excellent when served with figs, melon and other fruit, even tropical, in order to prepare mouth-watering appetizers.