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A new itinerary of the Great War is active from this summer in Contovello.

In the area of Contovello, in the well-known and popular wood extending parallel to the Vicentina, or better Napoleonica road (Alpe Adria Trail), between the Sanctuary of Monte Grisa and the Obelisk, in the collective property of Contovello is located the Coastland Trench Park, taking its name from the finding in the area of a large number of ornamental brooches of the 40th regiment.

The Coastland Trench is a complex, which extended from Duino (Trieste, ITALY) to Novigrad (Istra, CROATIA) built in order to defend the city of Trieste and the Austro-Hungarian Coastland but never used.
The “Great Wall” of Karst is a structure of impressive dimensions.

Length of trail: 2 km
Duration: 2 hours

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